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2020 Convention  
Cancellation Notice 


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Formal Cancellation Letter
Cancellation Refund Notification to Registrants 


March, 2020

                Convention Cancellation Notice

To All BTOC Members,

With the ever-changing daily life as a result of the COVID-19 virus the Board of Directors met with the majority voting to cancel our June convention in St Louis.  This decision was not reached easily but was made in the best interest of those who had planned to attend the convention. 

With conditions changing almost daily our primary concern is the health, safety and well-being of our members.  A secondary issue for cancelling at this time is that there are several significant bills due shortly and throughout the month of April that would create a greater hardship on our Club’s treasury for cancelling at a later date.

Please be assured for those who have already registered, our treasurer John Groot, is working on the details to put a full refund plan in place.  This is a tremendous and impactful move and will take a little time since funds will need to be transferred between Club accounts and then funds transferred to the PayPal account for refunds to commence.  As soon as the plan is in place refunds will begin with the first refunds going to the members who registered first.  We are anticipating that all members who have registered will receive their full refund in the form of a check or PayPal credit by no later than June 1, 2020.

In addition, convention chair Marshall Adams will be working with Scott Fowler and Skip MacEwen attempting to negotiate refunds and or credits for down payments already paid over the past two years to the hotel and daily events.  There are contracts in place for the hotel and events so this will take time and understanding from both sides.  The Club is very fortunate that we are out of pocket far less cash currently for the St Louis convention than for any of the previous BTOC conventions.

To all members who have made a hotel reservation for St Louis, please remember to call 888-627-7064 to cancel your room.

Some exciting news—at the meeting your board approved to reschedule the St Louis convention for June 2022.  In addition to recouping our down payments our convention chair will begin the planning task for 2022.

More exciting news--Our #1 partner, HLW was kind enough to create seven 1-of-a-kind locomotives for our convention.  Since we will not be using these very collectible locos for prizes or raffles at St Louis this summer, we intend to come up with a plan to conduct an auction for each of the locos.  Pictures and details will follow.  We hope to see generous support for this auction as the dollars received from it will help to restore the treasury’s balances.  Each loco is custom decorated for the St Louis convention so they will be extra special down the road representing a convention that, unfortunately, was not able to take place!

Finally, we will be working on a 2020 Club car to compliment last year’s USA Merry Christmas glow in the dark box car.  Look for more info and early ordering in the upcoming BTO.  We are hoping for broad support of this Club car like the support for last year’s car.  It proved to be the fastest selling car ever produced for the BTOC.  The profits from the sale of this car will also help us get the Club’s treasury back into a stronger position.

We are truly hoping that you receive this announcement in good health.  Be safe and your board is looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland in ’21! 

With all the shutdowns and shelter-in-home directives our Club motto is more fitting than ever.

Havin’ Fun, Runnin’ Trains

Stay Safe, Stay well,

Charles Bartel, President BTOC

Your Board of Directors 

Additional Info

Formal Cancellation Letter
Cancellation Refund Notification to Registrants