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Cleveland OhioBig Train Operator Club

2021 Cleveland Convention  

June 21-26, 2021  

  Cleveland ShirtsMany  members bought Cleveland Shirts earlier this year and they have been delivered. It may be that some new members or existing members might want 2021 Convention shirts but didn't order or did order and want more shirts. If you think you might want a shirt or two, just click this link.

I might be interested in ordering Cleveland Shirts. This your best guess, not a commitment to order

If we get enough interest, we'll contact you and make a form available for ordering. We'd want to order in March or April of 2021 so you have plenty of time. The prices delivered to your home by USPS will be about the same.

New Info 11/8/20Marshall Adams - Convention Chair
see text below about using PayPal for Registration

All Tracks Lead To Cleveland 2021 Convention Registration

Update from the Convention Chair—

Early planning for our train convention has been quite a project.  Our host hotel, The Holiday Inn Cleveland South, is open but currently operating on a scaled back schedule.  Our primary contact, the Director of Sales, is currently working every 3rd week at 1/3 of her normal salary.  They are planning for operations to be back to normal by June ‘21 but caution that they expect to still be subject to 4 layers (federal, state, local and corporate) of guidelines at the time of our convention. 

With all this in mind we have been able to come up with plans and pricing for the events scheduled at the hotel—Monday’s opening All Aboard Party, Friday’s Throw-Back BTOC Train Meet (an all day and nite event at the hotel filled with trains, contests, some surprises and friends) and Saturday’s Cleveland Banquet.

From all the uncertainties and questions that cannot be answered at his time we are going to have 2 registration forms this year for Cleveland.  The 1st Registration Form will be in the next edition of the BTO and will also be available on our Club’s website for registration by returning a downloaded copy of the form or by registering via PayPal.  Please note the deadline for the Early Bird Registration discount.  We are hoping all those planning to attend will take advantage of this generous discount by registering early.

For those members who left their St. Louis registration dollars in the Club’s treasury, simply fill out the 1st Registration Form and that total will be deducted from the balance on your account with the Club.

At a later date, possible well into the Spring, a 2nd Registration Form will be available to register for the daily trip events.  David Stachnik and myself are working with an exciting number of venues that we will hopefully be able to book for the convention.  Unfortunately, without success at this time since some venues are still closed and some are scheduled to reopen in the spring.  Even those that are currently open are under restrictions that would not allow us to attend as a group of our size. 

Needless to say, planning All Tracks Lead To Cleveland has been a challenge!

1st Registration Form download as a pdf (includes hotel info)
If you already have a paid registration for Cleveland, complete this form and mail it. I'll adjust your balance and send you an e-mail with the details.

We'll use PayPal as we did last year, with a $20 fee to reflect the additional costs. Just fill out Registration #1 and write PayPal on the back of the form where it says Check enclosed for “Registration 1 Total”. Make check payable to Big Train Operator Club.  
I'll invoi
ce you for the total cost plus the $20 fee. You can pay it online with your Credit Card of Choice or PayPal.
The 2nd Registration form will not have an additional charge for PayPal.

All Tracks Lead to Cleveland

  Because of the Covid uncertainties, 7 months away, we have elected to have a 2-part Registration procedure. see above
  1. A regular registration form showing the in-house (Holiday Inn Cleveland South Hotel) events that will be available including All-Aboard Party, Clinics, All Train Day, Banquet, Trivia Contest, Drag-Races, and more see below.
    This will be available for registration later this year.
    see above
  2. A second registration form detailing Three External Events that will depend on availability, safety, interest etc. This registration will be available as soon as we can safely depend on the information from the venues. Please watch this space for more information as it becomes available.
  Preliminary - subject to change
Sunday June 20, 2021
  11a Set-Up Trains Lobby, Brooklyn, Bedford & Outdoor
  1p-4p Convention Room Set-Up
  4p BOD Meeting Maple Heights
Monday June 21, 2021
  9a Runnin' Trains Lobby, Brooklyn, Bedford & Outdoor
  9a Convention Committee Goody Bag Assembly Maple Heights
  1p-330p Registration Maple Heights
  3p-830p Convention Room Open Brooklyn, Broadview Heights, Bedford
  5p-7p All Aboard Party
  Special FREE Raffles for all paid attendees
  815p Raffles
Tuesday June 22, 2021
  830a Depart hotel
  330p Arrive back to hotel
  7p-930p Convention Room Open Brooklyn, Broadview Heights, Bedford
  730p Clinic 1 Maple Heights
  9p Joe Hylva Trivia Contest-Round 1
  915p Raffles
Wednesday June 23, 2021
  Open Day
  7p-930p Convention Room Open Brooklyn, Broadview Heights, Bedford
  730p Clinic 2 Maple Heights
  9p Joe Hylva Trivia Contest-Round 2
  915p Raffles
Thursday June 24, 2021
  830a Depart hotel
  330p Arrive back to hotel
  7p-930p Convention Room Open Brooklyn, Broadview Heights, Bedford
  730p Clinic 3 Maple Heights
  915p Raffles
Friday June 25, 2021
Throw-Back BTOC Train Meet
  All Day Havin' Fun, Runnin' Trains  
  Special FREE Raffles throughout the day
  9a Annual Membership Meeting Maple Heights
  1030a Scott Fowler's Almost Famous Drag Races
  Noon Stachnik's Unforgettable Cleveland Luncheon
  130p Groot's Ice Cream Party!!!
  2p-4p Convention Room Open Brooklyn, Broadview Heights, Bedford
  330p Wine & Cheese Social-Ladies Only!!
  7p-930p Convention Room Open Brooklyn, Broadview Heights, Bedford
  845p Joe Hylva Trivia Contest-Round 3
  915p Raffles
Saturday June 26, 2021
  830a Depart hotel
  1p Arrive back to hotel
  4p Farewell Cash Bar
  5p Cleveland Banquet
  Joe Hylva Trivia Contest Final
  All Lentz 2021 Award
  Drag Race Prizes
  Banquet Raffles
  Banquet Prizes

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