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Big Train Operator Club - G-scale garden railroad club
"Havin' fun runnin' trains"

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2014 Club Loco Info
Teleconference Minutes
2014 Hershey Info

2015 BTO Convention Car - USA Auto Carrier
2015 BTO Convention Car
Click for details
2015 BTO Club Car - USA Power & Light Car
2015 BTO Club Car
Click for details

2014 Hershey Convention Car - ONLY 2 LEFT
2014 BTO Club Loco
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2014 BTO Club Locomotive 
USA Trains S4 Diesel Switcher Locomotive
ONLY 3 -

Produced in the USA by USA Trains, 
this unique loco is the featured 2014 Club Car offer.

2014 BTO Club Loco
The perfect motive power for your maintenance-way train!

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Train quote - Big Train Operator - G scale trains

This will be a different town if you put a railroad in here, you know that. - Zeke Mitchell: Carson City (1952)

Train quote- Big Train Operator Club - Large Scale Trains 

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