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Welcome to the Big Train Operator Club
"Havin' Fun Runnin' Trains"

Whether you are a garden railroader, modeler, collector, G-scale fan or just a Big Train lover, you are invited to join the Big Train Operator Club. Inc. 

The club is a group of enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors who devote much of their time and energy to Large-Scale trains. The club was founded in 1978 (formerly the LGB Model Railroad Club or LGBMRRC) and now has members throughout the United States and in several countries.

There are new Member Only products and plans are almost complete for Cleveland in 2021 and an and an and an and an and an and an 'Even Better' St. Louis Convention in 2022. Watch these pages as our plans roll out.

Convention News

Very late addition to the Cleveland Convention Schedule!!

BTOC Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Ride

So many of you have been inquiring about the Club riding the CVSR.

Well, it took the better part of 19 months but thanks to the unending perseverance of David Stachnik we have finally successfully booked a Club ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad!    Booking events for Cleveland has been a challenge to say the least due to the devastation and constantly changing picture that Covid brought.  Without a close 2nd, though, the CVSR proved to be the toughest event for the Club to book.

Following 73 phone messages, 121 emails and 196 text messages going unanswered David decided it was time for a more direct (aggressive??) approach.  Taking matters into his own hands (literally!!) David drove down to the CVSR main office in the Rockside Station to address the challenge head-on.  Knocking on the station door he could clearly see the lights were on and there was at least one person in the office.  He knocked once, then a second time and again a third time but his initial knocks on the door went unanswered.  David, being David, refused to give up.  Fortunately, authorities were not called in and finally, realizing David was not going away, the door opened. 

As a result of these extraordinary efforts taken by David we now have the following NEW Cleveland Convention train Ride Event—

Event—The BTOC is Ridin’ the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Place—CVSR Rockside Station

Date—Thursday August 19, 2021

Time—9a train

Roundtrip to Akron through the scenic and pristine Cuyahoga Valley National Park returning to Rockside Station at 12:30p 

Depart Hotel—8:a for a short drive to Rockside Station

Cost--$20 per person

This has resulted in a few changes on Thursday to the convention schedule—

·         The trip to The Christmas Story House has been pushed back to 230p

·         The afternoon hours for the open Convention Rooms have been cancelled.

·         The Cash Bar will officially begin at 5:30p but Early Birds will always be welcomed!

·         Our Thursday Cleveland Banquet will now begin at 6:30p.

 If you are sending a check for $20/seat, please click here.

Please order your tickets ASAP since seats are limited.

 New August, 2021 Convention Registration Form

Cleveland Guide for August Convention

2021 Vetreran's Day Car
2021 USA Veteran's Day Car Day Glow in the Dark

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